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ACA Update: Summer 2021

  1. Year of Prayer for General Synod
  2. RADVO (and pre-RADVO) this September!
  3. Prayer for the Territory of the People

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ACA News: Pentecost 2021

1. Letter from new ACA Chair, Ajit John

2. Legal Opinion update

3. Preparing for General Synod 2022!

4. From our Friends: Reflections on Kamloops; News from PBSC,

5. Living & Active: new ACA video series!

6. Biblical Justice: Reflection & Analysis by Tim Keller
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ACA Lenten Newsletter 2021

ACA Lenten Newsletter 2021

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ACA 2020 Advent Newsletter

ADVENT LETTER: ACA in your words, and Year in Review.
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October Newsletter – chock-full of news & action items

1. "The Justice of Jesus": Nov. 28 Webinar with Abp. Kerr-Wilson
2. Update on Bp. Bill Love, Diocese of Albany
3. Current legislative issues: Conversion therapy & assisted suicide.
...and more      

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ACA Summer 2020 Newsletter

Video message from Sharon about an exciting new project!
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ACA Newsletter, June 2020

1) Reflection on Obedience and True Freedom;
2) News on Video Project and new tri-diocesan Chapter;
3) Prayers in times of plague and unrest;
4) "Food for thought" – articles and resources.

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Holy Week ACA Newsletter April 2020

Quarantine News, Readings & Reflections from Anglican Communion Alliance
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ACA Lenten Newsletter 2020

Update on ACA Chapters, Communion Partners and MAID, plus "Mutual Respect in our Divisions".
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ACA Advent Newsletter 2019

Dear Friends of the Anglican Communion Alliance,
Advent greetingsAs I look back at the past yearI am very thankful for the work we have been able to doI am especially grateful for three things...
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ACA Fall Newsletter

1. Letter from ACA Chair, Dr. David Smith
2. News: Shared Episcopal Ministry proposed
3. National Director's Report
4. Note from ACA Treasurer
5. Prayer

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ACA July Newsletter

Reflections on General Synod 2019
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ACA June 2019 Newsletter

1. Message from the Chair before General Synod
2019 in Vancouver
2. "Word from a Bishop's Heart": Open Letter from +David Parsons (Arctic) 
3. Marriage Canon: More Canadian Anglican voices
4. News and Info for General Synod delegates
5. Financial update
6. Closing prayer

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ACA April 2019 Newsletter

1. Good news! Update on General Synod Appeal
2. Marriage Canon: Canadian Anglican voices
3. Request for delegate information
4. Update from our newest ACA Chapter
5. Closing prayer

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ACA March Newsletter

1. Letter from the Chair, Dr. David Smith
2. National Director's Report--News from Jake Worley!; Bulletin insert--please share!; Strategy Working Group
3. The Rev. Dr. Brett Cane: "Biblical Perspectives on staying in Fellowship..."
4. Closing prayer

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Dec. 2018 ACA Newsletter

1. Letter from the Chair, Dr. David Smith
2. ACA Year in Review
3. Anglican trial-use liturgies--let's talk!
4. $15,000 goal for General Synod
5. Advent Prayer
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Nov. 2018 ACA Newsletter

1. Letter from the Chair, Dr. David Smith
2. A pre-General Synod challenge!
3. ACA/Engage a blessing to western dioceses
4. Starting a Chapter--flexibility and simplicity
5. Become an ACA Partner!
6. Prayer for the Church Universal
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October 2018 ACA Newsletter

1. Calgary Conference--still room for you!
2. Report from RadVo in Dallas, TX
3. Food for Thought from Dr. Peter Armstrong
4. Invitation from Voice of the Martyrs Canada
5. Become an ACA Partner!
6. Prayer for the Church Universal

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