Our Mission & Vision

Why we came together

We are the
Anglican Communion Alliance

In light of recent developments within the Anglican Church of Canada, the Anglican Communion Alliance has been established as an organization that affirms classical Anglicanism.

The reasoning behind our name is as follows:


“Anglican” is Anglicanism in its classical form (as clarified by the wide coalition of orthodox Canadian Anglicans in the 1994 Montreal Declaration of Anglican Essentials).


The “Communion” is the Anglican communion that is being reaffirmed around the Anglican Covenant.


The “Alliance” is the banding together of congregations and individuals across the country who share our specific vision and mission.

Our Mission

To call the Anglican Church of Canada to embrace and live by its orthodox Christian heritage under the renewing guidance of The Holy Spirit.

Our Vision

To be a theological and spiritual rallying point for historic Christian orthodoxy in the Anglican Church of Canada.

Dr. David Smith

Letter from the Chair

[nectar_dropcap color=””]G[/nectar_dropcap]reetings to all of you in the Anglican Communion Alliance and to those who might want to be part of our fellowship! It’s with considerable trepidation that I take on the role of the new Chair of the group. Roseanne has set a very high bar – too high, in fact, to try to meet, because what Roseanne has been doing for the ACA will now, we hope, be done by the new National Director, along with the Board, and with the support and involvement of you all.

For my part I want to give three reasons why I am glad to be a part of the ACA and honoured to be its next Chair. First of all, the ACA is a voice for Christian orthodoxy within the Anglican Church of Canada. The word “orthodoxy” isn’t heard as often as I would like within the day to day operation of the Anglican Church. My dictionary suggests that orthodox beliefs are those “conforming to what is generally or traditionally accepted as right or true.” In other words, orthodox beliefs are those that have emerged as a consensus of the faith of Christians over time. Orthodox beliefs come from Scripture, as it has been understood by Christians over the centuries. Anglican orthodoxy is how our own Anglican tradition has received and interpreted Scripture. What other voice can be relied upon within our Church than the voice of Anglican orthodoxy? I hope and pray we will continue to speak for it.

Secondly, I am glad to be a part of the ACA because, as its name implies, our organization cares about the Anglican Communion. We can be preoccupied with the issues and attitudes of our own little part of the Anglican world. But Anglicanism is now a world-wide faith and its greatest growth is now in countries that face very different problems. We are mutually interdependent with Anglicans throughout the world – what we do affects them – and the ACA has been and ought to be a voice for the Communion as a whole within the Canadian church.

Thirdly, I am glad to be a part of the ACA because of the way it has been a witness for orthodoxy and the Communion over the last number of years. The tone we have adopted has been firm but not condemnatory, and I believe this is the tone that is needed today. I am reminded of some lines by the great Anglican poet George Herbert:

Be calm in arguing: for fierceness makes
Errour a fault, and truth discourtesie.
Why should I feel another mans mistakes
More, than his sicknesses or povertie?
In love I should: but anger is not love,
Nor wisdom neither: therefore gently move”

For these reasons, and more, I am glad to be the new Chair of the Anglican Communion Alliance. I hope you are glad to be a part of it too, and I will be calling on the support of all of you as we continue in our work.

Dr. David Smith

Dr. David Smith


Sharon Dewey Hetke