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Illuminating Orthodoxy

In Canadian Anglicanism

Our Vision is to be a theological and spiritual rallying point for historic Christian orthodoxy in the Anglican Church of Canada.

The Anglican Communion Alliance is a national organization representing Canadian Anglicans, coast to coast to coast. We have grown out of the grassroots response of Anglicans to the crisis that has been developing in our church over the past 50 years.

The ACA endeavors to be a rallying place for faithful Canadian Anglicans who want to see the Anglican Church of Canada embrace and live by the principles of its own constitution as set forth in the Solemn Declaration of 1893, and clarified in the Montreal Declaration of Anglican Essentials of 1994. We are striving to assist the efforts of all Anglicans in this country who wish to see their church remain in full membership with the global Anglican Communion. To that end, we support the Anglican Covenant and urge our church to endorse it and pattern our relationships with other Anglicans by it.

While being organizationally separate from the orthodox in other Anglican jurisdictions in Canada, we continue in informal fellowship with them in the cause of the Gospel while addressing the specific situation within our own Anglican Church of Canada.

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We are excited about ACA's new video series: "LIVING & ACTIVE: Anglicans Growing in God's Word"!Last summer, Board member the Rev. Dr. Peter Armstrong began writing the content for a series on Anglicans reading the Bible, and we are pleased to announce that it is now in production. This resource will encourage daily Bible reading, and will address common obstacles to this central Christian and Anglican practice. Most of the work on this is being done gratis, but there are some unavoidable production costs. To support this project, you can donate at ... See MoreSee Less
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ACA is developing a database of Biblically-faithful ANGLICAN TEACHING RESOURCES.What video, audio or print resources have worked well in your parish?Marriage/baptismal/confirmation prep?Bible study resources?Resources on Anglicanism?Resources on evangelism, liturgy, prayer, current issues, etc.?While resources from other traditions will be included, we are trying to prioritize Anglican sources. THANK YOU for your suggestions:-)! ... See MoreSee Less
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RADVO (and pre-RADVO!) this September! (Photo by Orvin Lao)Both Sharon (National Director) and Fr. Ajit (ACA Chair) are hoping to attend this conference (if vaccine rollouts and border measures allow!) – let us know if you plan to go as well.__________________Delayed last year due to the pandemic, excitement is building for the September 23-25, 2021 Dallas gathering of clergy and lay people. Radvo will feature an excellent lineup of guest speakers and preachers. It promises to be a joyous gathering, where the Communion Partners can gather for fellowship and purposeful renewal of roots in the "faith once delivered and the life-giving Gospel, and to encourage new vocations to ordained leadership in the church."Learn more and register at: addition, there will be a pre-RADVO event hosted by the Communion Partners, focused on Congregational Leadership. There will be a dinner at Incarnation with keynote speakers on Wednesday evening (Sept. 22) prior to RADVO, followed by a morning of workshops and discussion together and closing with lunch. RADVO itself will start with registration desks open on 4pm on Thursday the 23rd. The hope is that this pre-RADVO gathering focused on Communion Partners Congregational Leadership will provide an opportunity for CP clergy and lay leaders to share ideas, best practices, and theological foundations for ministry in the congregations and communities that they serve. If you would like to attend this pre-RADVO event, please contact Canon Jordan Hylden ( and Laura Faulkner ( at the diocese of Dallas to be registered. There will be a small registration fee in addition to your RADVO ticket to cover the costs of this gathering, should you attend. Whether you are ‘signed up’ as a member of Communion Partners or not, whether clergy or lay leader, you are welcome to join this meeting and to invite friends! ... See MoreSee Less
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